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justin deloatch-klag

Like any well-adjusted American boy in the 90s, I was obsessed with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The show was about teenagers who lived in the suburbs of a city, were popular, were chosen to save the world from impending doom and had monsters, robots, aliens and explosions! And like many American boys, I hoped that one day I would become a Power Ranger and defend the Galaxy. 

When I was a kid, I was convinced I would be the next Blue Power Ranger. Billy was awesome! First and foremost, his color was blue. Blue has always been my favorite color and so it only makes sense I would look at Billy first. But, I'm not done. Billy was awesome in the most unique way. He liked science, got good grades in school, was a bit awkward and still had enough confidence to be the uncredited leader of the group. I admired Billy and wanted desperately to replace him once I got to high school.

I was quite disappointed to discover there weren’t aliens and evil monsters from which to defend Baltimore City! However, it is only recently that I realized I have been subconsciously pursuing becoming the Blue Power Ranger all my life. Billy made being a nerd cool for me. I loved shows like “Bill Nye, the Science Guy” and learning about the moon and stars, but it wasn’t until I saw Billy that I saw a character that was smart and cool. I loved reading (thanks mom) and playing games of imagination outside. I thought I would become a marine biologist or meteorologist, while other little boys wanted to be firefighters, doctors and police officers. Billy was one of the first messages I received as a child that it was okay to be a nerd! 

Over the years, I have accepted my nerdiness and used it to propel my interests and successes. Throughout my educational career, and life in general, I have tried to ravenously consume information and varying perspectives. I always wanted to soak up knowledge, but was never really sure for what purpose. Over the last few years I have seen how that consumption of knowledge has allowed me to volunteer for an organization that develops thousands of young leaders each year, work in a field that has the potential to change the lives of both children and adults in this country and I watch Astronomy and History shows like it is my job.

The swirling of my life experiences may not have made me into a superhero who is saving the world on a weekly basis, but I am the Blue Power Ranger. I am an ordinary person using my affinities to help improve the lives of those around me. I don’t battle monsters or morph into robots, but I do furiously fight injustice and find ways to help those who need an advocate.


My childhood desire to save the world transformed me into a man who works everyday toward improving the world in which we live! 

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