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We want our community to get more involved and to help highlight the work that each person is doing for Mental Health advocacy. Read below for more on our campaigns!

My Mental Health POV

Campaign Description: With the goal to assist in diversifying  the advocate voices that are highlighted on social media, My Mental Health POV will be an Instagram campaign  that highlights YOU, the mental health community, and what you're doing to advocate for change and to #EndTheStigma.


Posting Platform: Instagram, Facebook


What is needed: 30 minutes for a phone/ video interview, a picture you find representative of you/ your story


We Matter Too Conversations

Campaign Description: One of the issues that many Mental Health advocates have is being dismissed if people think they are not “put together enough”. This campaign will invite different advocates suffering from different Mental Health disorders to ‘take over’ the WMT Twitter account once a month and talk about what it is like to be an advocate with their disorder.


Posting Platform: Twitter


What is needed: 30 minutes for a pre event phone/ video interview

Interested? Tell Us More!

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