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Community Corner

Our Community is a critical part of our mission. We want to have a space for them to highlight their work.


Queer Mental Health Workbook

Using a range of therapeutic approaches, The Queer Mental Health Workbook is a comprehensive, down-to-earth self-help workbook designed to be your personal mental health resource. It is filled with techniques and activities you can read, tailor and ‘pick and mix’ to improve your wellbeing as a queer person, at your pace.

Empowering and reassuring, and written by an experienced queer mental health practitioner, this one-of-a-kind workbook will help you to flourish as a queer person and begin to overcome any challenge.


Connect with Dr Brendan on Twitter @BrendanJDunlop1.

Borderline is a collection of poems spanning the topics of love, compassion, borderline personality disorder, anxiety, depression, and more. Kelly Donnelly is Hunter College Graduate, a queer writer, artist, and nursing student who complied a collection of poems stemmed from intense emotions in the hopes to help others feel less alone. Book contains 90+ poems


You can follow her on Twitter @CoolLesbianAunt.

The Road to Mental Wellness may take you through some dark, difficult places but will inspire you with guidance and hope for a bright future.

The more we understand these conditions, the more we can help make a difference – for ourselves, family, friends, colleagues, and health professionals. Jonathan’s book is unique, having value for both consumers and experts.

* It’s also an excellent read for doctors, therapists, counsellors, and other professionals to help them truly understand the people they try to help.

Come on THE ROAD TO MENTAL WELLNESS for an excellent and well-rounded journey to understanding!


Connect with Jonathan on Twitter @ArenburgJohn.

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