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Community Corner

Our Community is a critical part of our mission. We want to have a space for them to highlight their work.


Many of our community members have been featured on podcasts. Listen to them below.

As leaders we often do our best to champion our employees, giving them extra encouragement when they need it most. Unfortunately when it comes to Imposter Syndrome, this type of positive reinforcement might not be helping in the way we intend. So what happens when you give someone positive reinforcement only for them to be met with self doubt and feelings of imposter syndrome? In this Powerful at Work Radio episode, Victor Mosconi shares why positive reinforcement may not be helping your employees overcome their feelings of inadequacy.


Tune in to hear Victor share what you as the leader can do instead and connect with him on Twitter @docmospsych.

Edward, a Canada-based Hong Kong-born volunteer first responder in mental health talks about his experiences in living with childhood trauma and the way how he decided to help others by sharing his own views.

He shows moments of his life in recovery, how he supports others to use available resources to heal, and openly talks about what works for him may not work for someone else. His personality shines through in words that are encouraging and relatable, therefore we can connect to his narrative and understand how much it takes to build up our own boundaries and why it's a key in recovery.

His stories might resonate with many of us struggling with mental health issues, looking for motivations and examples of how others deal with trauma and being early or already advanced in recovery. You can follow him on Twitter @Maahokgit.

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