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Kirk Bell hails from a small town just west of Toledo, Ohio called Swanton. Currently he lives in Coldwater, Michigan where he is the State’s Sales Representative for Mutual Title Agency, based out of Strongsville, Ohio.


Starting at a young age, he became very passionate about helping others better themselves. He did this by finding their strengths and encouraging them to do better.


Kirk's passion really took off when he was selected as an Ambassador from his high school to attend a weekend youth conference. While there, he gained some basic knowledge on leadership, diversity, mental health and giving back to his community.

Kirk became Director of Facilitators after being there for 15 years. This coupled with other leadership and mentoring programs, has made Kirk who he is today.


He continues to provide guidance to today’s youth, by helping them understand it’s okay to talk about mental health, to reach out and not feel ashamed to share. Kirk has had personal experience with depression and thoughts of suicide. He knows firsthand how it affects someone.


Kirk continues to live every day to be a positive example to those who are struggling with depression and the burdens of everyday life. He has also shared his personal story with countless youth over the years to encourage open dialog about real issues.

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