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Victoria hsiung

Victoria is a board member with experience working in global health, focusing on reproductive health, mental health, health innovation and health humanities. She currently works as an analyst at Duke University’s Global Health Innovation Center, an academic research center, and Innovations in Healthcare, an associated nonprofit.


Through her work in global health and research on the ways that health, wellness and illness are expressed through writing and visual art, Victoria realized the crucial role of communication, connection and community in supporting recovery from an illness. These become all the more important when it comes to mental health, for which the pathway to find treatment and support can be especially daunting and difficult to navigate.


Victoria hopes to help create a welcoming community that will support and guide anyone who needs (or wants) it through We Matter Too.


She received her bachelor’s degree from Duke University, where she double majored in Biology with a Biomechanics concentration and Global Health with a Maternal and Child Health concentration and minored in Psychology.

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