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Diversifying Mental Health Resources

We Matter Too Inc. to add mental health resources for marginalized communities.

We Matter Too, Inc. has begun adding mental health resources for different marginalized individuals to their website as a way to start addressing the disparity in mental disorder resources between each unique community.

“Part of the solution to create an equitable society is to make it easier for every person to find the resources that they need which relate to their identity,” says Ari Aragon, Communications Director at We Matter Too, Inc. “Providing an accessible way for everyone to find resources is just the beginning.”

The first of the resources to be posted or for the Black Community and the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Community. Other communities to have their resources uploaded in the future include:

  • Aging Community

  • Latinx Community

  • LGBTQIA+ Community

  • Native American and Alaskan Native Community

Resources for veterans and athletes are also among the list of individuals to be added to the site.

"We recognize that every community has their own, unique, need for resources" Ashley Perkins, co-founder of We Matter Too, Inc states. "In order to give that attention to each, it will take a while to have resources uploaded."

Celebrating and honoring diversity is an important part in the fight to end the stigma. We Matter Too, Inc appreciates those who have helped us to identified sources to add the site and are always looking for those in the community to help us continue to improve and add resources. If you have a resource to add to the site, please fill out one of our contact forms or email out Communications Director directly at

We Matter Too, Inc is a 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit organization founded in 2020 with the mission to provide a space for those with mental disorders to help others with mental disorders get the resources and support they need.

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